OnePlus buds pro

OnePlus buds pro vs Nothing ear1 | Which one should you buy

ByPaper SlayerAug 27, 20218 min read

Nothing Ear 1’s launch has caused a stir in the market. Let’s compare Nothing Ear 1 vs. OnePlus Pro Earbuds.…

IOS 13 Features

13 Best IOS 13 Features for the iPhones

ByadminJun 21, 20215 min read

Before this month, Apple showcased IOS. First, with the iPhone 11, which’s the successor to the iPhone XR, and the…

google footprint

How to find and delete your digital footprint

ByPaper SlayerJul 8, 20216 min read

Every day passes, and we are more connected to the internet. However, our understanding of the digital world is declining.…

Top 13 Best TV of 2021

Top 13 Best TV of 2021

ByadminJun 21, 202111 min read

The best TV mixes brilliant picture quality, excellent audio, and a great bang for your dollar. But locating a TV…


What are the side effects of widespread crypto mining?

ByPaper SlayerAug 2, 202110 min read

The Australian government has just recognized cryptocurrency as a legal payment method. To avoid double taxation, purchases made using digital…

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