13 Crypto Currencies That Can Make You a Millionaire

Perhaps, there is no denying this; the time cryptocurrencies hit the market, these became part of important headlines ever since then.

A cryptocurrency alias digital currency can be your safest bet to earn an enormous return on your plowed money. It is the fastest-growing investment option for investors looking for diversification in the portfolio. Additionally, tech giants such as Apple, PayPal, Tesla, and Facebook have inculcated crypto plans in their long-term growth strategies.

With that being said, who will be the next Bitcoin in the crypto market? Which are the top cryptocurrencies that can bring fortune in 2021? There are more than 7000 cryptocurrencies in the market making it a daunting task to choose the best one to invest in.  

So, in the blog space we are running through 13 cryptocurrencies that could make you an overnight millionaire in a volatile crypto market (may help you stay sane!)

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

“The Leader needs no introduction”, a famous saying best-fitted for Bitcoin. One of the longest-running and highest-yielding cryptocurrencies around the globe is undoubtedly BTC. In addition to this, it also constitutes 40% of the crypto market cap.

Additionally, the most recognizable and legitimate virtual currency is available on the leading trading platform. Plus, only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist (out of which 4-5 million are lost forever). What’s more- pioneer fintech companies like Square Investment and Microstrategy have invested a whopping amount (over $1bn) in Bitcoin acquisition.

Paying heed to other aspects, BTC in 2021 could surpass the all-time high records by reaching new heights. Hence embark on your crypto journey with the “king of cryptocurrency” – Bitcoin!

  • Ethereum (ETH)

After Bitcoin, the second-largest and renowned cryptocurrency is Ethereum. In 2013 Vitalik Buterin came up with blockchain technology that can keep up with distributed applications and smart contracts. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency; it’s a network that permits developers to create digital currency over the Ethereum network.

Since its launch, it has experienced massive growth (more than 1000%). Moreover, as per leading finance experts, it’s anticipated that Ethereum is all set to surge at $20,000 by 2025. Thereupon investing in ETH aka Ether in 2021 could be a smart movie for first-time investors to double their investment and witness skyrocket height growth!

  • Litecoin (LTC)

The only coin identical to ‘gold’ Bitcoin is the ‘silver’ LTC acronym Litecoin designed by a former Google engineer. Typically LTC source is based on BTC sourced code however what sets them apart – Litecoin is far cheaper and faster than its sibling.

The price of Litecoin in 2017 has seen a whooping surge of 8200% from $4.40 in 2016 to $ 360.93 in December 2017. That said only 84 million Litecoins can ever exist just like the Bitcoin limit. Hence traders looking to hold crypto assets can invest in Litecoin in 2021 as predicted could augment 100% by the end of next year!

  • Binance Coin (BNB)

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world is The Binance Exchange. Originally Binance coin was launched on the Ethereum network until Binance’s own blockchain was rolled out in later 2017.

BNB coin has proven to be the most stable risk-free investment option with consistent performance. Moreover, industry-leading finance gurus believe that BNB could grow up to $900 by the end of 2021. An ideal pick for long-term investors!

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

A “meme cryptocurrency” started as a joke less than a decade ago, designed as a parody aimed at supporting cryptocurrency. An open-source cryptocurrency based on a Japanese breed dog Shiba is one of the most active cryptocurrency communities.

The Dogecoin reaches an all-time high with 7000 percent massive growth- driven by support from Tesla CEO (Elon Musk) and snoop Dog becoming the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world. Investors who want to be part of the rapidly growing fun community – Dogecoin is totally worth it!

  • Tether (USDT)

Tether is a well-known stable coin, earlier termed as realcoin. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency backed by traditional fiat currency such as the US dollar. USDT belongs to the family of stablecoin which aims at keeping the highly volatile crypto market stable.

So, 2021 is the year for tether as the value of USDT is amplifying since 2020, expected to surpass the USD coin value. A highly transparent currency backed by mainstream currencies like Yen and Euro could make you earn an exceptional return on your investment.

  • Ripple (XRP)

XRP is the symbol representing ripple coins. A digital currency made by ripple labs to connect heterogeneous financial systems. Do you know- Ripple coin is older than Bitcoin, the creator Ryan Fugger launched the concept of ripple coin in 2004 intending to offer people a secure way to do the financial transaction online.

Furthermore, with each passing day the ripple network is soaring up and by the end of January 2021 network has witnessed a 240% increase in user engagement. So, the bullish outlook of ripple is expected to amplify twofold by the end of 2021.

  • Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a blockchain protocol designed to connect unique blockchains on a unified network. It is a native cryptocurrency with a DOT token. On top of this, the key aspect of the Polkadot network is to build scalable Blockchain while taking off the slow communication process between myriads of blockchains.

Since its launch, the DOT tokens have performed exceptionally well. According to trade analysts, the coins will jump from $35.00 (current value) to $50.50 (Year-end 2021). The new investor with long-term investment goals DOT is a safe and secure option to acquire skyrocket returns!

  • Chainlink (LINK)

The 11th most highly valued cryptocurrency is Chainlink. As the requirement for decentralized products is surging, LINK is placed as a decentralized oracle network offering real-world data sharing for complicated smart contracts on varied blockchains.

Simply put, smart contracts on Ethereum are made smarter via Chainlink. LINK coin is estimated to reach $200-$300 soon as in the past LINK has already given back more than 530% of growth. Hence for crypto enthusiasts investing in LINK could be a highly rewarding decision!

  • Polygon (MATIC)

To ameliorate interoperability between different blockchains Polygon network (formerly termed as Matic) was developed in 2017 by Indian software engineers. The core purpose of the network is to solve blockchain’s major concerns such as slow speeds and gas fees without compromising security.

Also worth noting, made-in-India crypto token MATIC has a colossal investment from Mark Cuban a US-based billionaire investor. The price of MATIC is anticipated to reach an all-time new high from $2.19 to $10 by December 2021. So, investors should watch out for this new bull in the market!

  • Cardano (ADA)

Flashing on its history; Cardano came to light in the year 2015 and ever since then it has captivated the headlines by being one of the paramount tokens. Talking about consistency, it has persistently overseen its position in the top ten in terms of market capitalization. Consequently, oodles of the population are getting intrigued in plowing their money in this token.

Wondering what makes Cardano pretty special amongst congregating individuals? Well, these two things for sure! One, it is acclaimed to be the foremost peer-reviewed Blockchain, with its stage of development being closely monitored by a team of proficient aficionados. Two, its highly bragged proprietary Ouroboros system, proudly constituting two Blockchains: one for managing general transactions while the other tackling with smart contacts.

Maestros are sensitizing people to plow their money in Cardano as they sense the token to be giving them mammoth returns before 2022. Taking about its low price as on 15th June-2021 to be $1.52, this is speculated to soar big times very soon. Some predict it to reach the target of $2.82 by December 2021.

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Were you acquainted with this crucial fact? Bitcoin Cash came into existence when the fairest and square-the original Bitcoin hit a hard fork. All this happened way back in the year 2017.

For your enlightenment; Bitcoin Cash hit the spotlight to dwindle the occurrence of bling transactions that happened in the case of trading. Additionally, it also impeded any instance of sluggish transactions due to the blocks getting brimmed at a faster pace.

So, the original block size of 1 MB was surged to 8 MB, allowing a slick path of faster and frequent transactions. Professionals foresee the price of Bitcoin Cash reaching $3,000 in the coming years.

  • Tron (TRX)

Typically, Tron furnishes a link wherein content creators can associate themselves with consumers. To earn this token, the user is required to create content on the platform. The ultimate approach of implementing such a modality is to completely ward off any middlemen known to further liaise the things.

This may sound flabbergasting; many renowned labels like Samsung, Baidu, and Global Social Chain are already associated with Tron. Consequently, its price is anticipated to augment by almost 100-150% in the coming time, making it an investment that you are surely gonna laud.

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