How to mine AuroraCoin

What is Aurora Coin?

Auroracoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used in Iceland. It is premined 50% and is based upon litecoin. Premined coins will begin to be distributed to Iceland’s entire population at midnight on 25 March 2014. Auroracoin was created to end the fiat currency financial system of Iceland.

Inflation and financial meltdown have been devastating to Iceland. The 2008 collapse of the entire banking system led to inflation and currency control.

Auroracoin allows Icelanders to get out of currency controls and government debasement.

Auroracoin is based upon the Litecoin protocol. It is launched by an “Airdrop” of premined Auroracoins to Iceland, intended to reach nearly every Icelander.

This unique event will provide Icelanders with the opportunity to get started using the currency. It will also give them a chance to learn more about the currency and its potential uses. The only way to get auroracoins after the Airdrop is through mining and transactions.

AuroraCoin: Why?

Auroracoin is a cryptocurrency that is independent of the current banking system. Auroracoin cannot be created by central banks, unlike conventional currencies. Auroracoin is backed by a fixed supply that works against inflation and supports its currency’s value.

Auroracoin is not tied to banks or other central entities. It allows for the restriction of printing money and debasement of the currency.

How does it work?

Auroracoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used in Iceland. It is premined 50% and is based upon litecoin. Premined coins will begin to be distributed to Iceland’s entire population at midnight on the 25th March 2014.

Auroracoin is built on Litecoin. This cryptocurrency descends from the Bitcoin protocol, which is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It is launched by an “Airdrop,” which sends auroracoins to Icelandic citizens. It allows it to reach nearly every Icelander.

This unique event will provide Icelanders with the opportunity to use the currency for the first time. It’ll also give them a head start and make them aware of its potential.

The only way to obtain auroracoins after the Airdrop is through mining and trading. Auroracoin will follow the Bitcoin development in the medium to long term.

An ATI card will only accept a 4350 Card, 2-4 years old or newer. Visit the Mining Hardware Guide to see if your card is listed. You will get an estimate of how fast you can get. The Correct Drivers must be installed starting at Step 10 on this page.

How to Mine Auroracoins

Your Antivirus software should be disabled.

Disable your antivirus for at least 15 minutes. You may question that it seems suspicious, and why should one disable their antivirus?

It isn’t a virus, and you can confirm this by reading my comments, my videos, and downloading Sandboxie, which allows you to test out any software that you aren’t sure if it’s safe or not.

All GPU Miners will be marked as viruses. You can check it by turning off your antivirus and downloading a GPU Miner on a different website. Your antivirus will then remove it from your computer before it downloads.

It is best to disable it for at least 15 minutes. Once it has been downloaded, you need to install it. After that, you will need exclusion C/Program files (x86), Miner from any future Scans. You can search Google for “exclude a file/folder from scan (name Antivirus)” if you have another antivirus.

Auroracoin wallet download

The Auroracoin Core wallets are the backbone of Auroracoin’s blockchain network. You can download the entire Auroracoin blockchain and store it locally.

Auroracoin wallet for Android devices and a lightweight Auroracoin wallet for Chromium-based browsers

  • Android
  • Chrome/Brave

After installation, click – Receive. Next, copy the address.

Get Simple GPU Miner

Google Chrome may block this download. If it does, you can download using Firefox or IE.

  • Installer Version – It’ll install in C/Program Files (x86), MinerSimple CPU Miner, an Auto startup with Windows, and add Desktop Icon to change settings.
  • Zip Version – Extract SetupG.exe and then open it. If you wish to have your computer autostarts, add Shortcut to ProcessG.exe in the startup folder.

Install and Open Simple GPU Miner

It will install to Folder C/Program Files (x86).MinersSimple GPG Miner.

Try the GPU Mining Software

Click on the Settings Tab. Next, select Auroracoin from the Miner Type. Make sure Start Program invisible has been unchecked. Finally, run. A DOS screen will appear that says Found Solution and PROOF of Work Reported: Accepted.

Check your antivirus software to see if the coin does not work. If none of these work, go to Step 10 and reinstall your video card drivers.

Use PC IDLE to Run Software

Verify the coin you wish to mine under Miner Type. Next, check Start Program invisible, Run Program When: PC IDLE, and then click Run.

Donald does all the work!

You should go to General, and Donald Mining will be there for you. You will receive coins within 1-2 hours if you verify your Receive Coin Address. Other currencies may take up to 2-3 days, depending on the difficulty of your system.

Good luck! This simple GUI Windows software will show you how to mine Auroracoin.

Remove Simple GPU Miner

How to exclude a folder liable on your Antivirus Software. (Exclude Folder C):Program Files (x86),MinersSimple GPU Miner)

  • Exclude ESET
  • Norton Excluded
  • Mcafee exclusions

You can search Google for “exclude a File or Folder from Scan (Name of Antivirus)” if you have another AV.

GPU Miner: How to Fix It

It’s a pain, but it is worth it to get your system mining Auroracoins!

Follow these steps if you encounter any problems with the software during testing of the Auroracoin Miner.

  • Go to Add/Uninstall Programs, and click on Change the AMD Catalyst.
  • Express Uninstall ALL AMD Software. After that, restart your computer.
  • Click this link to ATIRemoval.Bat. Then, Save as ATI.Removal.bat
  • Next, right-click on the downloaded location and run as administrator. Type Y and enter any message that appears.
  • Download ATI 13.1 64Bit works for Vista/7/or/8 and ATI 13 32bit XP/Vista/7/8
  • Restart computer.
  • Install AMD SDK 2.9, then restart your computer.
  • Return to Step 6, Open SetupG

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