How to mine Binance coin


Binance Pool provides a complete service platform that aims to increase the income of miners. Binance Pool offers mining services to its users, with a particular focus on PoW or PoS.

Binance Pool is an integral part of Binance’s ecosystem. It uses technology, capital, exchange business, and other resources to provide mining services to users, focusing on PoW and PoS.

Mining Pool Advantages

High-quality service

Technical support and customer service are available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day. Customers with significant incomes enjoy VIP benefits and personalized services.

Sound Ecology

The mining pool relies on Binance’s solid ecosystem to bridge users, various ecological platforms, and other entities. Customers can reach out directly to the Exchange, Labs, and Launchpad.

Leader in Technology

Multiple currencies and mining algorithms are supported. Customers have the option of numerous nodes while still maintaining stable network connections. Cloudflare protects customers from DDoS attacks by using read-write separation.

High Earnings

All miner earnings go to miners through the FPPS model for BTC and PPS+ for Ethereum earnings distribution models, increasing revenues by approximately 5%. Binance Pool Savings, an exclusive wealth management product that miners can use to manage their wealth, offers flexible withdrawals and high annual earnings.

How to mine Binance Coin

After reading the first few threads and pages on Google, Quora, and Reddit, I was skeptical that this could be possible. Then, I found what seemed like the Holy Grail: Unmineable.

Unmineable allows you to “Mine your favorite non-mineable crypto assets!”

It means that you can use their platform for mining Cryptocurrency with specific PoW (proof-of-work) algorithms.

They support currently four mining algorithms

  • Etchash (GPU mining >3GB)
  • Ethash (GPU mining ->4GB)
  • KawPow (GPU mining >3GB)
  • RandomX (CPU mining).

They don’t specify how to mine unmineable coins. However, I believe you are just mining native Crypto coins according to that algorithm. Then they exchange it for the currency you desire.

You pay 1% mining fees to use their platform. You can also pay 0.75% if you use my referral code: LVEG-GE2U

Let’s get on with the mining!

Method 1: Using an unMineable Miner (beta).

It is easiest to get started mining with unMineable by using their miner software. There are two versions of this product:

  • Packed
  • Unpacked

The compressed version includes the.exe files for both Phoenixminer xmrig. It can sometimes lead to it being flagged by antivirus software. It can be whitelisted in your antivirus, or you can use the unpacked version. You will need to install PhoenixMiner and/or xmrig in this case manually.

It is easy to install it and use unMineable’s miner.

  1. Launch the tool and choose your mining hardware (either GPU or CPU).
  2. Next, choose your coin. Binance Coin BNB is an example. Enter your address.

Your address format would look like this: address. memo (for instance, BNB111222333555444:7778899).

Binance won’t connect your account to your memo if you don’t fill out the note. You’ll lose all your mined coins.

After that, click on Start.

Once the miner has started, you will see your current balance in UnMineable and your current Hashrate. In the example below, I am CPU mining it at around 2100h. It is pretty slow and probably not profitable. However, CPU mining BNB is not the best option.

Method 2: Use PhoenixMiner

You can always use PhoenixMiner if you don’t wish to use the valuable software from UnMineable.

It is also effortless to set up.

1. Go to to download PhoenixMiner

2- Copy the folder to a location (e.g., c: PhoenixMiner

3- Navigate to the folder by opening a cmd window. Enter the following command

PhoenixMiner.exe:pool -walBNB:[walletaddress] :[memo]. [minername]#lveg–ge2u -pass

You can replace the following fields with your variables


[memo] — Optional, if you aren’t mining to an exchange, this :[memo] can be left out of the command

[minername] — Gives your miner a name so it can be identified on unMineabe

After you have modified the command, press enters to run it.

You’ll notice that your GPU starts to mine almost immediately. It can also be tracked in your unMineable dashboard.

What is the maximum amount I can mine with unMineable

It all depends upon the expenses. It can be tricky.

Suppose you have a similar setup to mine (I have a 2070 super GPU) and don’t take into account electricity costs. In that case, you can make roughly 0.75-0.80 billion baht per month. It all depends on market volatility and changes during the day in the hash rate. It brings us down to 100 USD per month (at the current price).

You can decide if this makes financial sense. Although it’s not an easy way to make quick money, it can be a good option if your computer is working 24/7. It’s worth it if your computer isn’t being used all day.

It’s easy to use unMineable’s calculator to calculate.

Merged Mining

Binance Pool is committed to increasing the income of miners. Miners now have the opportunity to “kill three birds with one” by using their hash rate for mining rewards in BTC, ELA, and Vcash.

Binance Pool also offers additional bonuses to miners to increase their income.

1. Configure merged mining

The Binance Pool’s first phase was based on the bookkeeping method. Miners didn’t need to create a merged address.

Workers will be able to set up addresses for Vcash and ELA during the second phase. All earnings from the first phase of the launch will be distributed.

2. Gift ratios

The official market index price is used to calculate the reward ratio for merged mining earnings. For exact proportions, see Binance Pool notices.

3. Time for payment

BTC is distributed simultaneously with merged mining earnings. Binance will spread daily payments at 10: 00 UTC. When the principal currency payment has been split, the percentage of merged mining rewards will be paid. Wait patiently for your payment to arrive

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