How to mine MazaCoin

MazaCoin (MZC) is a new fork of ZetaCoin’s SHA-256 crypto, a Bitcoin branch. MazaCoin (MZC) is the Official National Currency for the Traditional Lakota Nation (a Native American Tribe). MazaCoin, a Cryptocurrency, is uniquely qualified to preserve and hold the wealth of sovereign nations. The courageous and forward-looking decision by the Traditional Lakota Nation of adopting a Crypto-Coin for their national currency will allow other countries around the globe to ditch outdated and inefficient fiat currencies. 

MazaCoin will provide an economic foundation on which the Traditional Lakota Nation can build wealth and prosperity over time. MazaCoin, a solid Alt Coin backed by an ancient nation and culture, will take its place in the Crypto-Currency world. MazaCoin is yet another historic first in the excellent renaissance money that is Crypto-Currency. MazaCoin will be a huge success worldwide, and everyone is welcome to join our community.

Payu Harris founded the BTC Oyate Initiative, which will serve as the primary liaison between Traditional Lakota Nation (Lakota Nation) and MazaCoin Development Team. The National Crypto-Currency Reserve will be managed and organized by the BTC Oyate Initiative. The project’s overall goal is to introduce Crypto-Currency in the reservation economy to stimulate and grow economic activity. This plan includes the MazaCoin Project, a Crypto-Exchange Haven, and Tribal Land mining farms.

The first phase of the MazaCoin Pre-mine will see 25 million MazaCoins pre-mined by the Traditional Lakota Nation, represented by the BTC Oyate Initiative. This will be the starting point for a National Crypto-Currency Reserve. The MazaCoin Development Team will pre-mine 25 million MZC in the second phase. This will be the starting point for the MazaCoin Tribal Trust. The MazaCoin Tribal Trust can grant grants of Maza-Coin for any Traditional Lakota Nation Tribal member, business, or charity. Individual grants will be 1,000 MZC, 10,000 MZC to businesses, and 50,000 MZC to non-profit Tribal organizations. Check this post how to mine USDT.


  • SHA256 Algorithm
  • ASICs are welcome to proof-of-work mining (POW)
  • Block Target: 120 seconds
  • Based on the last 90 blocks, Difficulty Retargets are made every four blocks. (Quick Difficulty Adjustment)
  • Block reward: 5000 MZC. This is halved every 241920 blocks (approximately 12 months). – Not dropping below
  • 1 MZC (inflationary minimal)
  • Total coin mined = 2.4192 Billion MZC + annual inflation
  • In approx. In the first five years, 2.4192 billion coins will be mined.
  • After that, around 1,000,000 per year (inflationary).
  • 5 Transaction confirmations are required
  • Pre-mine: 25+25 Million MazaCoins

What are the benefits of MazaCoin?

MazaCoin Technology

  • MazaCoin Tribal Trust. This reserve could be used to stabilize the price of future commodities.MazaCoin uses the SHA256 Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. This algorithm was initially designed to replicate the rarity and value of precious metals.
  • It was designed to be safe and simple-to-mine using the SHA-256 protocol. This protocol reduces landfill clogging and encourages the recycling of ASIC mining equipment.
  • MazaCoin is entirely decentralized and uses peer-to-peer technology. It takes 120 seconds to block, with quick difficulty adjustment and a block reward that is 5000 MZC.
  • To build up the reserves of coins, the cryptocurrency offers a two-stage premise. MazaCoin’s features include a slow deflationary trend and stable value retention. This is a preventive measure against hoarding.
  • The Lakota Nation would receive 25 million MZC coins from the first pre-mine. Another 25 million MZC coins would be created by the second pre-mine, which would be given to the 

How do I buy and store MazaCoin tokens MZC?

How to purchase MZC

  • Only two platforms allow you to exchange MazaCoin (MZC) coins: Cryptopia or Freiexchange. Both of these platforms accept Bitcoin. Cryptopia accepts DOGE, LTC, and Bitcoin as payment for the MZC coin.
  • No exchange accepts MazaCoin payments in fiat currency. This is unfortunate considering the cryptocurrency’s age of over four years.
  • Best cryptocurrency exchanges display the prices on the exchanges where it is traded. These platforms allow you to sell or buy MZC tokens. However, it is not a place where you can make a purchase. CoinSwitch is one such platform. It supports over 140 coins and 45,000 pairs of cryptocurrencies.CoinSwitch allows you to choose any pair that you like with your MZC token.
  • CoinSwitch is more than just a way to buy from an exchange. All transactions can be made to and from your private wallets instead.

MZC Storage

  • It is safer and more secure to use a cryptocurrency’s native wallet if available than to rely on third-party applications.
  • MazaCoin offers a desktop wallet that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems.
  • Although there isn’t yet a native mobile wallet that stores Maza-Coin, it’s being developed and will be available soon.

What sets MazaCoin apart from other cryptocurrencies?

  • MazaCoin was the first cryptocurrency that Native Americans adopted, and it is also the first to be made an official currency within a tribe.
  • MazaCoin is unique because it has a noble cause, which makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies.

MZC: Should you invest?

  • MazaCoin is a very dismal cryptocurrency globally, ranking in the market capital category. This makes it unattractive to invest in.
  • The website, blog, and Bitcointalk pages of MazaCoin went without any updates for over six months. This is a red flag for cryptocurrency.
  • The cryptocurrency’s purpose is noble. It aims to make Native American Tribes financially independent and secure and lift them out of poverty.
  • The individual price for the MazaCoin can be meager. This could either be a red flag or an advantage depending on your perspective. It is best to focus on market capitalization rather than individual token pricing when analyzing cryptocurrency. The number of coins in circulation can vary greatly depending on which cryptocurrency you are looking at.
  • It may be revived by an active community, which could bring long-term returns. It is still a proof of work-based coin, but it could lose out to more advanced, proof-of-stake-based currencies. It is always better to research any cryptocurrency before you invest.

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