Top 7 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for 2021

We will be looking at Crypto Mining Software and comparing the top or even free Bitcoin Mining Software on the market. Now you are ready to go. You will now need a free Bitcoin miner program that will allow you to monitor and control the crypto mining activity of your equipment.

To generate cryptocurrency mining software, you can create a new cryptocurrency or add components to an existing Blockchain. After validation, the mining party takes the new cryptocurrency as a reward for contributing to the Blockchain

To discover blocks, Bitcoin mining software uses a computer’s GPU. A mining pool distributes resources and rewards across a network. This is the bulk of today’s mining. There are many Bitcoin mining software options today. It can be challenging to find the right one. We will review the most popular Bitcoin mining software to help you choose the right Bitcoin mining software.

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1. BFGMiner

Best for advanced users who wish to modify the mining process.

BFGminer, an ASIC- and FPGA-based mining app that doesn’t allow GPU mining, is called BFGminer. It offers advanced tracking and clocking capabilities, as well as a remote interface. This is an excellent option for miners who want to customize their mining experience.

BFGMiner comes with a built-in network & proxy server. Its highly structured code splits work acquisition from submission into two threads. This ensures that resources are not hampered. BFGminer is a flexible app that can be run on any platform. It can also be used on a Raspberry Pi.

Although the GUI is text-based, it is highly user-friendly. You can navigate the different options using hotkeys.


  • Ability to have on multiple popular mining algorithms simultaneously
  • Ability to mine various cryptocurrencies simultaneously
  • Cross-platform
  • A powerful mining feature

2. MultiMiner

Best For beginners looking for simple-to-use mining software.

MultiMiner, a GUI-based program, was developed as part of the Windows 10 Bitcoin mining platform. You can use it with macOS and Linux, but you will need to install additional programs.

MultiMiner is a famous mining tool for beginners due to its intuitive GUI. This Bitcoin mining software will detect the hardware and create a list with all the information. You can choose which coins to mine based upon the linked mining system via the app (FGPA ASIC GPU). MultiMiner offers additional features, such as the ability to select your mining method, placeholders that help you understand the jargon, and remote access to the rig.


  • Ability to select coins to mine based on the mining hardware.
  • Remote access to rigs
  • For understanding the jargon, you can use placeholders.
  • API settings and direct engine arguments access.

3. EasyMiner

Best for users who wish to manage multiple cryptocurrencies from one location.

EasyMiner is an easy-to-use alternative to the Command-Line Interface-based mining equipment. This app will provide a visual representation of your results and numbers, which can prove very helpful.

This Bitcoin mining software is perfect for miners who wish to mine Litecoin as well as Bitcoin simultaneously. EasyMiner switches to “MoneyMaker mode” immediately after it’s activated for the first time. This generates a Litecoin wallet automatically and begins mining on a private pool with your computer’s CPU.

EasyMiner’s dashboard has been designed in a way that is easy to use. This is what you would expect from a Bitcoin miner app with GUI. You can access your crypto wallets, change mining pools, or update network settings with a single click.


  • Ability to simultaneously mine Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • You can pick your pool by using a custom algorithm.
  • ASIC mining
  • Chat system to help beginners connect with experienced miners.
  • You can start mining right away by activating Moneymaker mode

4. CGMiner

Best for Open-source mining software for miners that runs on all devices and can be used with many types of mining equipment.

CGminer is a well-known ASIC/FPGA/GPU miner program. It has been around since the beginning. CGminer, a C-based command-line program, is cross-platform, i.e., It will work on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. CGminer, a command-line mining software, can be used with a variety of mining pools and computers. It is effortless to use, however. You can adjust the fan speed and other settings using simple keyboard commands.

CGminer comes with a scalable scheduler that allows you to manage any hash rate and not cause network delays. It prevents stale work from being submitted to new blocks and facilitates multiple pools with smart failover.

A panel allows for quick configuration changes and automatic detection of new blocks. There is also a mini archive to help with slow or failing situations. The entries can also be cached during intermittent network interruptions.


  • Remote interface, fan speed control, and overclocking function.
  • Facilitates ASIC/FPGA/GPU Mining
  • It works with many different mining pools and computers.

5. Awesome Miner

Best for users who want central management of their mining activities.

Excellent, Miner can handle multiple types of mining hardware at once. It integrates with all significant mining algorithms and can manage numerous miners’ pools simultaneously.

Awesome Miner makes it simple to track your crypto mining activities. You can keep track of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at all times. You can also monitor the health and temperature of your hardware with the dashboard.


  • All ASIC devices compatible
  • Displays GPU functionality such as temperature, fan speed, and clock speed.
  • Mining in a single click
  • More than fifty mining software are supported

6. BTC Miner

Best for users who wish to choose the frequency that has the highest hash rate automatically.

BTCMiner, a cloud-based crypto mining software, is available. It is available to more than one hundred and forty thousand users. Mine cryptocurrencies anyone with an internet connection can access FPGA mining equipment and Bitcoin wallet address. BTCMiner, a Bitcoin mining program, makes it easy to mine Bitcoin. This is done by automatically selecting the frequency with the highest hash rate. BTCMiner features include a power-saving mode, Bitstream ready-to-use, and protection against overheating.


  • Dynamic frequency scaling
  • Ready-to-use Bitstream
  • Power Save Mode
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of overheating.
  • Multiple FPGA boards can all be controlled by the same software.

7. DiabloMiner

Best for miners who need to do fast hashing using the OpenCL framework.

DiabloMiner makes hashing calculations quickly using the OpenCL platform and provides users with infinite mining pools. The mining program can be used on Mac and is compatible with GPU mining hardware.

However, you can run it on any OS if you have ATI Stream SDK 2.1 and the latest Nvidia software. DiabloMiner allows you to choose whether you want to mine solo or in a team.

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