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10 cool chrome extensions for work from home

Did you know that Google Chrome has 69% of the browser market share globally?

Google Chrome is the most used browser. Google Chrome offers hundreds of Chrome extensions. These Chrome extensions will enhance your browsing experience. 

This extension allows you to improve your browsing experience and add functionality to your browser. Remote work is becoming more popular can sometimes be challenging to work from home or a cafe.

It can be challenging to focus. How can you increase productivity and block out the noises?

Are you searching for the best Google Chrome extension to work from home?

We’ve compiled a list that we believe can be of assistance to you:

  • Collaboration
  • Save time
  • Focus on the essential things
  • Distractions must be blocked

Let’s take a look.

Google Chrome Extensions for Homework: The Best Google Chrome Extensions


Momentum Chrome extension is trendy with over three million users. Momentum replaces the average tab page with a “personal dashboard,” which features a beautiful landscape photo, a to-do list, personalized weather, and inspirational quotes.

Momentum is the tool for you if you like to center and take a deep, calming breath before pressing the power button on the laptop. The extension’s creators stated that the tool is designed to create a new tab page that inspires and gives you calm. 

This last part is achieved by asking you what your “main focus” is each day. It serves as a reminder to stay on track.

2. Zoom Scheduler

We have all been amazed at Zoom’s meteoric rise in 2021. The service has seen an evident increase in usage. This extension is essential if this is the platform your company uses to hold “cloud meetings.”

Zoom Chrome Extension lets you schedule Zoom meetings from your Google Calendar. You can schedule a future appointment or start a meeting instantly by clicking your mouse.

Once you have set up a Zoom Meeting, the URL and any additional information are sent via a Google Calendar invitation to the person or people you’ve invited so they can join in one click.

3. Note Board

Working from your couch is a challenge if you are used to having a large desk and lots of post-it notes and memos scattered all over it.

Your work-from-home experience can be used to enhance your work habits. Make your notes digital. Note Board is a digital post-it note system that allows you to quickly record your notes, shopping lists, and links, as well as images or videos you wish to watch.

It can be launched directly from your browser bar and open a tab with your “boards” in just seconds. Here you can add and remove digital post-its. It’s easy to make your digital desktop look as messy as your office.

It can be used as a text tool, but it also supports many formatting options, including bulleted lists and image and video inserts. Get rid of the harmful post-its that cause damage to the environment and start using digital tools instead. Alos, check this article

4. StretchClock Break Reminder and Office Yoga

This is our next suggestion. Although you might not want to be stuck in a cubicle all day, it is easy to become too passive when working on your laptop. This extension is designed to change that.

Stretchclock is a professional reminder system for desk workers. You can set a timer to remind you to stretch at the times you prefer. The StrechClock countdown clock reaches zero and shows you simple exercises you can do at work.

From a few simple stretches up to a half-hour yoga-style, work-friendly workouts, you can choose how many of each activity you wish to do. This is a great way to keep active, prevent back problems, and reduce repetitive stress injuries.

5. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus is a great tool that provides a lot of valuable and complimentary services. More than a million people use it every day. While we recommend that you read the extension in detail, this guide focus on how the extension can help you quickly and easily capture images or videos of your computer screen.

It can be hard to communicate with colleagues remotely while still working at home. When explaining instructions or processes, visuals are essential. Nimbus allows you to capture complete or partial screenshots. The tool can be used to add graphics such as text boxes, stickers, highlight text and arrows, or blur out any areas that you don’t wish to be visible before you send it off to a colleague.

Nimbus also allows you to capture video from your screen and make screencasts. This makes it easy to “show” someone how you do something without setting up remote access. This is especially useful for people who live in different time zones.

6. Office

This handy extension is for Team Microsoft employees. It allows you to quickly and conveniently access Office content and services right from your browser bar.

The Office browser extension was created specifically for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Click on the Office icon to instantly access your favorite online apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. This allows you to quickly return to documents and continue work, which is a great productivity hack for Office users.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free tool that anyone can install on their Chrome browser. Grammarly is a free and fantastic tool that can significantly improve the quality of your written content.

Grammarly warns that misspellings or grammatical errors could affect your credibility. This extension will correct any mistakes in your text on Gmail, Google Docs and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and millions more. It will highlight incorrect spellings in red and flag grammatical errors and misuse of punctuation. You can even be analyzed for how concise your writing is.

You can set up a Grammarly account to receive a weekly writing report that will help you keep track of your progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.

8. AutoText Expander 2

Auto Text Expander 2 allows you to create keyboard shortcuts that expand and replace text while you type. Online services such as Gmail will enable you to create email templates, analyze what you type, and suggest additional text. This tool goes one step further by allowing you to program it to automatically add email addresses, company names, and complete sentences to all your online content.

You could, for example, create a shortcut to make “mc@” appear in your document as “” Auto Text Expander 2 can create up to 510 keyboard shortcuts that will suit your needs. It saves you time and your sanity.

9. Pi Reminder

Pi Reminder is a task-management application used by friends, family, colleagues, and individuals.

This Google Chrome Extension for work-from-home allows you to set reminders for yourself and your friends with just one tap.

You don’t need to forget about a client meeting or sending birthday wishes to someone special next time. Pi Reminder makes it easy to set up a reminder. These reminders can be synced with any device that has the app.

You can also add voice notes to your reminders. You can collaborate by adding comments, pining and sort labels, previewing images/links/youtube videos in the reminder box, as well as making voice notes. You can find the shortcut to Add Reminder in the Chrome context menu. It also allows you to log in with either your Facebook or Google account.

10. RescueTime

RescueTime can help you take control of your time. RescueTime claims it can increase productivity by up to 30% in 30 days. It does this by keeping a close eye on your Chrome Browser activity in any active tab or window.

It gives you an overview of your day and the activities that you did. You will see the end of the day and have a clear picture of how it went. It can score your activity as Very Productive or Very Distracting. It can also automatically categorize sites that you visit. This means that you won’t waste time categorizing your browsing experience.

You can also pause and delete the time tracking details if necessary. Your constant feedback will allow you to manage your digital time better and increase your work focus.

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