Asus’s Released new Chromebooks but, Are Chromebooks even worth it in 2021…

Asus has released some new Chromebooks in 2021. The Asus Chromebook Flip C214, Asus Chromebook C223, Asus Chromebook C423, and Asus Chromebook C53 models have launched in India in a partnership program with Flipkart. As the name of the models, the four-run on Chrome OS with a suite of Google apps. This Chromebook has a rudge design and many more features targeting the work from the home audience and children.

Are Chromebooks even worth it in 2021?

The Chromebooks are a fast and secure alternative from the other devices, often more expensive laptops. The Chromebook features Google’s Chrome OS, the Chromebook represents its company’s computer efforts, which have been traditionally centered all-around in web browsing. Chromebooks are built with the mind of portability and accessibility. Chromebooks have an excellent option for education, work, and travel.

Chromebooks are two-in-one devices with a detachable keyboard so they can also be used as a tablet or laptop. Some Chromebooks have USI pen support with it you can draw and write notes on your screen. You can connect your gaming controller to Chromebook for playing games.

However, with the growing population adoption of personal laptops for gaming and others, along with a global movement towards tablets. But the Chromebooks are still worth it in 2021.

 How is Chromebooks Different from Laptops?

Chromebooks have been developed for the primary simplicity of usage. Google had embraced a cloud-based program when they were building Chrome OS, which uses the Chrome program to perform a large portion of the program on any PC and Chromebook.

Most of us think that we should use a Chromebook while the other laptops have the availability of Google’s apps and services. While there were no apps preinstalled on the Windows or Mac OS, There are many types of web apps that allow the user to access the common features – such as document editor, watching videos on the web or youtube, and access your files and documents even when you are offline. This means the updates will happen in less time and complete the update fast.

These differences do not mean much to everybody, because those used to do certain applications that might have difficulty in transitioning to a Chromebook.

How does it work?

Chromebooks are particularly designed for online usage and work when the Chromebook is connected to the internet.

1. A Best Browsing Experience

In the Chromebook, there is Chrome OS which was made to take advantage of Google’s best-established browser chrome. By building out the Chrome OS its menus and interface, using this software as a backend, The Chrome OS has an underlying operating system that benefits from its stability and long-termed development. This means that the Chrome OS utilizes the user’s experience and operating system that the browser has established over the years.

2. Leverage Web Apps

One of the best and most powerful except all the prom who was browsing is it gives the ability to the user that other third parties app to create a web app and plugins that extend and expand on the capability of the software on the Chromebook. This is built on the top of the browser framework, the Chrome OS can also take advantage of its flexible operating system. Days Chrome on that the user can benefit from the enhancements made by the others. There are many applications which are offered by Google which include Gmail, YouTube, and Google Play Store are all available for free on the web, which allows the user to early access their accounts from their Chromebook or desktop.

3. Cloud Computing

Chrome OS offers its user a simple computing experience by leveraging the power of cloud computing. Be certain of the experience of the users around the online tools, syncing data between the other devices, which provides the user’s personalized support. Google’s

Chromebook is built to uses the advantages of the increasingly interconnected technology of our modern world. Through this, we can find anything on the searching platforms.

Chromebooks are a useful device for learning and business and it is very easy to use a Chromebook, It provides the user to easily access their document, videos, and their files. These are the main component of the system’s design and it is an important factor when considering that the Chromebook has a place in the modern world.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Chromebook has represented Unique options for Individuals who are looking to buy a laptop in 2021. Whatever, because of the Chromebook’s uniqueness, some of the individuals like its features and its system.

There are some advantages of the Chromebook:-

  • Price: The Chromebooks with good performance can be purchased for less than 200$.
  • Speed: Chromebooks are known for their fast speed, utilizing solid-state drives (SSDs) to receive faster loading and boot times.
  • Security: Chromebook is a small, simple, and up-to-date system, which boosts the security of the Chromebook.

There are also some disadvantages of the Chromebook:-

  • Compatibility: Because they are locked up in the Google ecosystem, Chromebook lacks cross-platform compatibility with the popular application, like basic driver support for some peripheries.
  • Storage: As the Chromebook uses the SSDs as a more responsive system, this also means that it has less storage capacity.
  • Gaming: Chromebooks are not built for gaming or doing heavy usage. Chromebook lost its compatibility with some programs, and you can feel the limitation in the gaming option.

What can you do?

There are is very difficult to run Microsoft Office on other native Windows or Mac software. But there are also web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office but they are not available with all features because they are the beta version of Microsoft Office. You have to be sure that all tools are available on the web or mobile app before you switch to your mobile. For example, you want to run the full Adobe Creative Cloud software like Photoshop on your laptop a Chromebook is not a good option for you. Adobe software has limited access to Chromebooks. Chromebooks are not natively capable of software that is programmed for Windows and Mac.

The software developer is making parallels for Chrome for the Chrome enterprise. It allows the user to run the full-featured Window application on Chromebook, It’s mainly for business users.

You can also use your Chromebook to connect your Chromebook with another computer from the Chrome browser with the help of a Chrome remote desktop.

Is Chromebooks are still worth it for purchasing?

I think that it is safe that the Asus Chromebooks are still worth it to purchase in 2021, It also depends on the needs of the user. While there is a benefit in rates, speed, and security. But there are also some limitations in gaming support, lack of compatibility, and storage.

For those users who just wanted a simple, fast, and cheap means to access the internet. For them, the Chromebooks are an excellent option as their performance is very much faster than the competition laptops. So I will recommend the users to buy accordingly to their needs.

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