Getting started with discord

Discord is a favorite method for gamers to video and voice chat with their friends while gaming. Discord has been a popular way to stay connected with friends, even when no video games are involved.

Discord is great for keeping in touch with your friends and finding new people via public servers. It’s a great place to meet new people and offers more than other social media platforms. Here’s a guide for beginners to Discord if you’ve been invited to join a friend’s Discord Server and have not used it before.

What is a Discord server?

This server is only available to invite friends and family from your work or personal circles. There are many options within this server channel for discussion on topics that interest you. Contact your community members.

For example, I set up a discord server to allow my friends to share their creations and collaborate with others. My server has different channels to allow me to do different things. These channels are dedicated to various creative endeavors, such as musicians and writers. There is also a channel for just hanging out.

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Discord: Where can I find it?

Discord can be downloaded and run on Mac and Windows computers. There are some limitations to the browser version, such as not displaying Discord’s overlay on-screen while you play games or do other activities.

Discord is available on both Android and iOS devices. It includes many of the same features as on desktop. You can also currently use Discord on Xbox One, though only to see what Xbox games your Discord friends are playing; you can’t (yet) chat in a Discord server from your Xbox.

Discord is coming to PlayStation in some form now that Sony has made a minority investment in the chat platform, but it’s yet unclear how it will work or whether we can expect cross-console Discord chat shortly.

Why is Discord so good for large groups?

Discord excels at managing large groups of people. You can create separate channels on Discord with different access permissions. This prevents discord servers from having everyone in the same message thread or voice-chat channel.

Even if you don’t have one human moderator, many automated admin and moderation tools can keep things in check. Servers with over 100 000 users can be very large. Minecraft and PUBG are two of the most popular games. You’ll need all the tools you can to stop certain internet flavors from appearing in large groups.

A well-managed Discord server looks a lot like a message board. There are the locked announcement and guideline threads at the top and many more specific locations below for people to meet. There is one difference: everything flows in real-time and voice chat is available on most channels.

What about smaller groups?

Discord can still be a great tool to track who is available to play with you if you are playing with a few friends or less. Discord allows users to notify other players of the game they are playing, so they don’t need to look at three different programs to find out who’s online.

You can open a separate voice chat channel if your friends are playing different games. However, you can still text chat with them.

What makes Discord so great for streamers?

If you’re a Twitch or YouTube streamer with an audience of any size, Discord is a great place to manage your following. Discord offers more flexibility to your viewers than Twitch’s chat window. Discord’s streamer mode, which cleverly hides DiscordTags, invite codes, and any other personal information that might be visible on-screen, is a great way to rest assured.

Streamers can sync Discord with their YouTube and Twitch accounts. They can do things such as set up subscriber-only channels or give subs special permissions to the server. A streamer’s Discord server is a great place to interact with your followers and other streamers, regardless of whether you are living or not.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is $10 per month or $100 per year. This app functions more like a tip jar and status symbol than an upgrade version. You get functional perks like larger image upload caps (up to 100MB) or better-quality screen sharing.

However, the majority of the benefits are cosmetic. Discord has pledged not to lock down any features currently available behind Nitro shortly.

Animation avatars and animated emoticons in chat are just a few of the cosmetic perks. You can change the DiscordTag number after your name and get a badge to show your support.

What are Discord bots exactly?

The best tools for managing Discord’s community and servers are not included in the app. Instead, they can be installed as separate third-party applications. These are called bots, and Discord has a listing of officially endorsed bots that give server owners comprehensive moderation tools and integration with other apps, like Twitch or YouTube.

Unofficial bots can do more than call real numbers. They can display career statistics for Fortnite players, readout server stats, and even let you dial real phones. These bots may not be free or available for free, and they might not always work with Discord. Some bots are very popular and can be used to spice up your server.

How to create your Discord server

  • Click the button to create a server+ Below your list of servers, click the icon. You will have many options in Discord.
  • Click here to customize your server. Make My Own.
  • Discord can also give you many other optionsTemplates. These come with pre-named channel names depending on the type of server you are trying to create. We’ll create our server using a template for simplicity. However, you can change and delete channels later. One will be created just for us.
  • Next, name your server. It’s okay not to be sure. Discord allows you to modify it later.
  • Upload your server’s image. You can upload a photo, a favorite meme, or a custom icon.
  • Congratulations! You now have your very own server to share with your friends.

How to create and customize your Discord channels

  • Click the button to create a new channel+ icon above your channel list.
  • The Discord interface will allow you to create a new account. Voice Or Text Channel
  • You can name your channel any topic you wish to add to your channels list, and then you are done. Click the button to customize your channel name Gear. It will have an icon beside it. It will allow you to change its name and delete any unwanted channels. Here you can also adjust channel permissions and invites as well as integrate the channel.
  • You can edit a channel from mobile by simply tapping and holding on to the channel’s name. Then, you will be presented with the same options as the desktop app.

How to invite friends to your Discord server

  • To get your friends on your new server, all you need to do is share the link. Click or tap to invite people to click the button above your channels to see a list of your Discord friends that you can invite in a single click. They will then see it in their Discord account. Direct messages folder
  • We’ll first edit the link to make it shareable across social media. Click the blue button to do this. Edit invite link On the desktop or next to the gear icon, copy and Share the Link Mobile.
  • You can also change the expiration date and the maximum number of links. This can be useful if you wish to limit the number of friends on your server. We will ensure that your link does not expire and is available to as many friends as you want.
  • Click here to continue. Aveo creates a new link. You’ll notice that the link address has been changed. Please copy the link and paste it into your welcome or general channel to ensure you don’t lose. This link can be pasted wherever you wish to invite friends.

Discord: How to voice and video chat

  • Discord’s best feature is voice chat with friends while playing games. You can connect by simply clicking or tapping on one of the voice channels. You can also see other members in the channel.
  • All you have to do to video chat is click on the voice channel once more. Discord will open the video chat window, where you can view all of your friends who are also connected.
  • Mobile users can tap the voice channel lounge to see a camera icon at the bottom left. You will be able to screen share from your phone using the same functions as the desktop app.
  • You can modify the webcam that you are using (or an external one) and your audio output and input settings. If you are using a laptop, the default will be your internal mic and webcam.
  • You can also share your screen via Discord with other people, which is useful if you want friends to stream a game.
  • You might be distracted by the sounds of other people, your roommates, pets, and even your keyboard clickings while you play video games on your computer. An external USB microphone is a great tool.
  • Discord will detect your USB microphone and switch to it automatically when you plug it in. You can change your microphone by going to the input device listing. Also, make sure that your output device is connected to your headphones (which are highly recommended) or your speakers. This list will include multiple audio output sources.

Discord makes it easy to connect with friends

Discord is a very useful app for many different types of people. It is a great way for friends to keep in touch, stream their favorite games, or collaborate with other online creators.

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