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Google’s Android 12: All the updates so far


Android 12 is now available, and it feels and looks different. Google revealed a new version of Android with a fresh look during Tuesday’s I/O 2021 keynote. Google has updated the interface’s appearance for the first time since 2014. It gives Android a personal touch.

Android 12 is available as a public beta. It includes many new features such as improved performance and longer battery life. Here are some highlights of Android 12. Also check this article

When will Android 12 become available?

  • Public beta 2: 9th June 2021
  • Consumer rollout is expected to begin in September 2021

Google follows a specific pattern. In the first months of each year, Google launches a developer preview. This year is no exception. Android 12’s developer preview is available since February. It was released originally on February 18, 2021, just before the second and third versions in March and April.

After the Google I/O opening keynote ended, the company made the first beta public available for download. The second beta was released at the beginning of June. Android 12’s final version won’t be available for official rollout until September 2021.


New UI

Android 12 is the most significant update to Android in many years. Android 12 is the most significant update to Android in many years. It features a new Material You UI. 

The system will now pull accent colors from your wallpaper for a lighter theme and a more cohesive look. You can also make changes to Quick Settings and the notification shade.

You’ll notice that the notification shade will have more giant, more round bubbles. Google calls this more intuitive and playful, but it has the practical effect of making things easier to see at a glance. You probably summoned this notification shade because you needed to take action quickly.

Android 12 also gives widgets a facelift. App makers will have to use them in their software. It is similar to what iOS developers did for widgets on the iPhone. However, the Google ones look large, round, and informative.

Improvements to Quick Settings

Android 12 offers more options than Quick Settings. You can access Google Pay and Home Controls on connected devices. Google claims you can control the whole operating system “practically with one swipe and a tap.”

Google Assistant will be launched in a new way: We heard that Google planned to offer other ways to activate its digital assistant than just saying “Hey Google!”

Although it isn’t clear if you can make a double-tap gesture on your phone’s rear to launch the assistant — this will be tested in the beta — Google confirmed that long-pressing the home button launches the Google Assistant.

Google claims that Android 12 should have a better performance and power efficiency. It is due to improvements under the hood. 

Google claims that it has reduced CPU time for core system services by 22% and the usage of large cores by system servers by 15%. It should lead to more responsiveness in daily use and longer battery life.


Google has taken a fast and complex approach to privacy in Android 12. We haven’t yet seen anything similar to the App Tracking feature introduced by Apple in iOS 14.5. Still, we see Google take privacy more seriously.

A new privacy dashboard allows you to see which apps have accessed what permissions. It draws inspiration from Google Fit, but it is an exciting feature to monitor what apps you access.

You can not only monitor what apps are doing, but you can also revoke permissions.

Redesigned notification tray

Android 12 has a slightly different notification tray. You will notice the rounded corners at the top of the notification tray when you pull it down. 

The Quick Settings icons are not only larger but also more colorful. The increase in size means that you can see more tiles at once. Although this is a minor change, it shows Google’s constant effort to give the user interface a fresh look.

Animations and motions that are faster

Android 12’s UI elements, including icons, are more rounded in appearance and chunkier. It is not all. The interface is responsive and dynamic. 

Google has been able to increase CPU usage by 22 percent in certain instances. It will result in better performance and longer battery life for Android smartphones.

Single-handed mode

It can be challenging to use a large-screen smartphone with one hand. Android 12 has a new one-handed mode. Go to Settings > System > Gestures> and toggle the switch to On. You will be able to pull the interface towards the middle of your display by doing this. It is a helpful feature.

What phones will receive Android 12?

It is where things get tricky. Android is still plagued by terrible fragmentation. It means that some phones will get the new software immediately, while others may follow weeks or months later. While a large portion of Android users won’t receive it at all, this can be frustrating.

You can guarantee your move to Android 4.0, so you will need to purchase one of Google’s Pixel phones. These include the Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a and the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 4a 5G. It is because Google has access to every phone’s exact hardware configuration and software.

All phones running the Android One platform (including many Motorola and Nokia handsets) quickly get the latest versions. However, they are usually only available for two years from their initial release.

It is also possible to expect faster updates to the Android 12 beta OS from these brands, especially older devices.


Although the Android 12 beta is an exciting release, developers should install it as soon as possible to ensure that their apps are ready for the final release. We do not recommend installing the betas on your primary device. You can always use a spare phone to do this.

It is best to keep your excitement under control, at least initially. Beta software is fun but not meant to be used as a daily driver.

What do you think about Android 12? What are your favorite features? What attributes you like to see more of other than those mentioned above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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