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Nothing Ear 1: Carl Pie’s startup’s first product with teenage engineering

Pei, who left OnePlus in October for a new company, announced that he would be starting a consumer technology company in January Nothing was founded by Carl Pei, a former co-founder of OnePlus. It shared details about the company’s first product, Ear 1. The product will launch in June.

Pei, co-founder and CEO of Nothing confirmed the launch in a blog post. Although the design of Ear 1 is not yet known, we know that it combines elements of transparency, iconic form, and advanced functionality. In a blog post, Pei stated that Ear 1 is the starting point for the artistry and confidence that will guide our products and services over the years.

Everything that is Ear 1 has a purpose. Everything you see and everything you don’t see. Pei even said the name. He also stated that the earbuds would have a “stripped down aesthetic.”

Pei spoke about the reasons the company selected this product category. She said that the market for earphones needed differentiation. “Space where we can elevate the design and deliver value starting day one.”

Pei stated that earphones are a market of “hyper-growth” and will be a fertile ground for us to strengthen our capabilities and prepare for new product categories.

In March, the company shared design principles and teased the design for its forthcoming TWS wireless headphones. It had earlier this year brought Teenage Engineering on board as a founding partner.

The company, based in Stockholm, is well-known for its audio equipment. For more than a decade, the company has been creating products for music and sound enthusiasts.

Jesper Kouthoofd is the co-founder and CEO of Teenage Engineering. Tom Howard has been named Head of Design.

In February, it also announced Manu Sharma, a former Samsung executive, VP, and GM for Nothing India. Pei officially launched his new company, Consumer Technology Company, in January after he left OnePlus in October. Over $22 million has been raised so far, with the latest round of funding at $15 million led by GV (formerly Google Ventures). Pei previously raised $7 Million in seed funding from investors and tech leaders.

Price of Nothing Ear 1, India release date, news, and leaks

Nothing Ear 1 is one of the most anticipated debutants in the truly wireless headphones space. They hope to bring a higher standard of design and technology into this rapidly growing segment

Everything is a startup in tech founded by Carl Pei (co-founder of OnePlus). It was established in late 2020 to create products that “remove obstacles between people and technology.”

Nothing is a smart device company. Its first product was a pair TWE, which is called the None Ear 1. The device is a combination of beauty and engineering, resulting in a pure sound experience.

Nothing’s board features many famous faces from tech like Kunal Shah of Cred and YouTuber Casey Neistat. This is everything you need about the Nothing Ear 1. It will be revealed on July 27.

Let’s get to the point.

  • What is it? It’s a pair of wireless earphones.
  • When will it be out? July 27, globally
  • What is the cost of this? It will cost you $99 (roughly Rs 8,000 in India).

Nothing Ear 1 release date and price in India

The original launch date was supposed to be June. However, Nothing Ear 1 will launch on July 27. We know that the brand will use the following weeks to promote the product and provide more information about the product.

It will be available in India simultaneously on Flipkart and the global release. Carl has confirmed that the No Ear 1 will retail at $99/PS99. Although the Indian pricing is not known, it should be in the region of Rs 8,000.

Northing Ear 1 design specifications and features

Carl made bold claims about how the company would reinvent consumer tech, claiming that they would create beautiful yet straightforward products. Teenage Engineering is a potential partner, suggesting that engineering and minimalism will be the other pillars in Nothing’s design philosophy. Conceptual elements are confirmed to be transparent. These clues lead us to believe that the Nothing Ear 1 will have an iconic, minimalist design that is polarizing and discreet.

The Nothing Ear 1 will feature active noise cancellation.

The Ear 1 is said to deliver pure sound through precise tuning and carefully selected components. Teenage Engineering is a well-respected name in the audio industry, so it’s no surprise that its expertise will be a hit with audiophiles.

Nothing also aims to build a network of products that seamlessly work with each other. Although it’s not clear what this means in the future, it could indicate smart connectivity and interoperability among devices.

We expect Carl Pei to share more information about the products as we build-up to the Ear 1 launch.

What we want to see


The companion app allows you to use the toggle and equalizer features and push firmware updates to your TWS. This is a crucial difference between premium and budget earbuds. App support is an obvious choice, considering how connectivity features are an integral part of Nothing’s philosophy.

Unique Design

Apple’s AirPods have been a recognizable piece of consumer technology for a long time. This led to a flood of similar products on the market. We expect Carl and his team to create something unique, as the design is a crucial feature of the Nothing Ear 1.


In the past few years, wireless earphones have seen an enormous boom. Even budget products can have the same features and performance as premium models. Nothing can capture the market with the level of competition it has.

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