The ultimate list of best live streaming tech gear for gamers


You can join the thousands of gamers who stream and comment on video games live. This article will show you the list of best live streaming tech gear to stream games from your PC.

Have you ever thought about streaming your PC games live but didn’t know where? We can help. Live streaming has become a hugely popular hobby in recent years. While not everyone will be able to make it big, it can be a rewarding hobby. You may even find an audience if you put your efforts into it.

This guide will help you get started streaming gameplay to your friends or building your community.

Mic (For Gamer)

Audio sources are primarily microphones. There are three types of microphones. They differ in their sound quality and connection type. Numerous studies have shown that audio is more important than pictures. We recommend that sound investments be your top priority.

A USB microphone is the best choice for live streaming. It connects directly to your PC and produces excellent sound. The USB microphone is moderately affordable and does not require additional equipment. An audio mixer is required to be able to use an XLR mic. This purchase is worth it if you’re an audio enthusiast.

  • Bronze Tier: Built-in microphones (lowest sound quality).
  • Silver Tier: 3.5mm and USB microphones, as well as built-in microphones for pro video cameras (easy to use, reasonably cheap).
  • Gold tier: XLR microphones are the best sound quality and most durable. They require an audio mixer.

A standalone microphone will give you the best sound quality. It can capture your voice and minimize background noise.

There’re 2 types of microphones: dynamic and condenser. While dynamic mics can handle loud sounds well, condenser microphones are sensitive and capable of capturing higher-quality sounds. Dynamic mics can be used to stream audio if you don’t want any sounds other than your voice and are therefore a good choice

Webcam (For Gamer)

People tune in to live streams to watch what you are doing and enjoy seeing the person behind the scenes. They can do this with a good webcam. You can hook up a webcam to pull the feed into your favorite streaming software and overlay it in the game stream. You should not interfere with the view of your game.

A high-quality webcam is worth the investment to get the best visuals and to allow your viewers to see how you react to the game. You can celebrate a win, engage with viewers, or throw a full-blown rage match.

Lighting (For gamer)

It’s easy to get people to look at your face when you play games. Proper lighting is key to avoiding looking blotchy, shiny, or covered in shadows.

While ring lights are great for showing off your new gadgets and highlighting the pores of your favorite beauty vlogger, they can be too harsh for streaming (or anyone wearing glasses). Softboxes with LED bulbs are best for streamers who want even, clean lighting.

Softboxes emit diffuse light, while LEDs run hotter than other bulbs. It keeps you cool and the remote audience entertained.

Green screen (For gamer)

A green screen is the next step if you have a decent camera and enough lighting. It is how you hide your mess or minimize the disruption caused by your webcam.

You can use a Chroma Key filter to make any green transparent. It will make the camera feed show you, your chair, and whatever else is between you and the green.

Green screens can be pretty complicated. You need to make sure the panel is clean and free of wrinkles.

Great gaming headset (For Gamer)

Gaming headsets are essential. Gaming on speakers is not a good idea. Your mic will pick up the sound and force it into your stream.

A headset will keep your head looking sharp, give you something to discuss with your audience, and give you the gaming edge.

A headset is an excellent alternative to monitoring your microphone if you don’t have one. It can help you hear your voice and keep your sound under control. Modern headsets have a great microphone, so they are an excellent option for those who don’t need a dedicated microphone.

Comfortable seating

If everything goes well with your streaming endeavors, you will likely spend hours gaming and entertaining the masses. Comfortable seating is essential to keep you occupied and not suffer from back pain.

Gaming chairs can also be dazzling enough that your stream will look more attractive. Because for the most part, all that people will see is your game and the chair you are sitting on. Sitting on a wooden stool or chair will make you the focal point, but it won’t be very comfortable.

A massive gaming PC

Streaming can prove to be more difficult than you thought. You can play games and stream 1080p video simultaneously or record at the exact moment. Still, it can be very draining on your computer.

Your stream will suffer if your gaming machine isn’t up to the task. It could lead to dropped frames, lag, or pixelation issues. You can optimize your stream by changing bit rates, ensuring you use Wi-Fi, and many other things.

It is possible to upgrade your computer setup. You can either build a brand new gaming machine or upgrade your RAM, CPU, and graphics card for a little extra performance boost.

Simple streaming controls

Once you have mastered the basics of streaming, it’s time to start adding scenes, transitions, and other elements to keep your audience engaged.

You will also quickly realize that you can make this happen much faster if you have the right tools.


You cannot underrate the importance of quality video for live streaming. The choice of streaming equipment is primarily determined by your goals and not your blind pursuit of quality.

If you’re starting with live streaming, the starter pack is for you. Are you serious about live streaming? If you’re ready to make your gaming career out of living streaming, invest in the intermediate streaming set.

The all-star streaming setup proves that there is no limit to what you can do. While huge investments can bring you extraordinary quality, it doesn’t always mean more viewers. We hope that you have gained a better understanding of streaming equipment to make the best decision for yourself.

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