Top Best Sites To Access AI and Machine Learning Research

Many AI and ML enthusiasts have found the Internet a blessing. It has provided access to many journals, papers, and research papers that they need. Paywalls were a common sight for those trying to access ML and DL research sites. However, the field-wide commitment towards Open Access has allowed more information to be released into the wild. This 10 ML, DLL, and AI Open Access resources are available for researchers who are either beginners or experts in AI.


Kaggle may be the most crucial entry in this list. Kaggle offers more than a website. It is a community that supports high-quality Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning projects. Kaggle provides valid codes and resources to help you start your projects. It also offers extensive data and datasets to allow you to work on many different project ideas.

The community is supportive and provides Jupyter Notebooks for analytics, exploratory data analysis, and codes. Kaggle holds a variety of competitions every year. You are free to participate and explore the possibilities. Kaggle also provides winners solutions, which you can learn from and use to help you with your projects. Kaggle is a top-rated free website that Data Science enthusiasts of all levels should use.

2.Machine Learning Mastery

Jason Brownlee’s Machine Learning Masters website provides the best content and resources available online. This website covers many topics and delves into some of the fascinating concepts in Data Science.

This website has content and resources that are useful for all aspirants and enthusiasts. This website offers incredible value, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Most of it is entirely free.

These resources include beginner installation instructions, complex machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning computations. The author has many quality books that you can purchase to help you support the website.

This website has been an excellent resource for me. Every Data Science enthusiast should visit this site at least once. It covers concepts, codes, and intricate details as well as understandings of many topics.

3.Papers with Code

Papers with Code as the name implies involve writing research papers that have concise codes attached. This is an incredible platform that all data science enthusiasts can visit to learn more about Data Science and Machine learning.

Some concepts and topics may be too complex for beginners. Data Science students will find it easier to analyze these papers because the research papers include codes. This website is highly recommended.


GitHub has the best place to search for detailed codes and coding structures. GitHub is used primarily to learn from many talented people who provide exact code for the benefit of all.

You can read and learn from code on GitHub. However, these codes can be used on your desktop by forking them. These codes can be validated, tested, and modified to fit your needs according to your projects.

You can not only read other people’s work, but you can also post your projects and codes so that everyone can benefit. GitHub also allows you to share your code for everyone to see. This can be done in repositories for larger projects or simple Gists to share more minor codes.


PyImageSearch (by Adrian Rosebrock) is a great website to start with computer vision projects. You can also find extensive information on OpenCV and deep-learning to create simple or complex computer vision projects.

This website was the first I found when I was working on my first project in computer vision. It has never let me down since. This website is still one of my favorite machine learning resources for building your computer vision projects.

If you love computer vision projects and are interested in building more, I recommend that you visit the website to find additional study material, knowledge, and resources. You can also purchase their computer vision books if you wish to support the author.

6. Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science, one of the most popular Medium publications, is a website that allows viewers to share their thoughts, ideas, and codes. It is also one of the best places for them to discuss Data Science, Machine Learning, and Visualizations.

TDS is listed on free websites because, despite only five dollars to access unlimited content, you still have access to a lot of helpful information and resources on Data Science and Machine learning.

Towards Data Science has several high-quality writers. You are also provided with excellent standard content. This platform can be used to enhance your understanding of Data Science concepts and further your education.

7.Google AI

Google AI, a Google division dedicated to artificial intelligence, is available. This website also provides information about Data Science and Machine learning. Google AI aims to educate users about the benefits of artificial intelligence. It is free and open to all.

Google AI Platform is a beneficial, resourceful, and helpful website. It offers a variety of topics, including education and research topics on AI. There are also many tools and blogs to help you learn about AI concepts.

8. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform to learn more about Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Science via video content.

Browse through different channels to find amazing videos and learn from them.

Among many other unique channels, Sentdex and TechWithTim are some of my favorites. These channels are great for understanding concepts better and providing in-depth explanations.


TensorFlow can be used to create unique Data Science and Machine Learning projects.

Apart from the remarkable library that solves complex computational problems, a website is available for free to learn more about TensorFlow.

TensorFlow provides users with official documentation, guides, and valuable resources. It also allows them to create unique projects from scratch.

TensorFlow is rapidly expanding its support and development tools. You can also find essential Datasets as well as solutions to some examples of problems on the website. The website is an excellent resource for Deep Learning with TensorFlow.

10. Reddit and Quora. Stack Overflow.

These resources serve a similar purpose to each other, namely, community involvement and interaction and answers to many questions that need clarifications.

Reddit allows users to interact with each other. Reddit’s Machine Learning and Data Science sections are great free sites to find out more and get answers to any questions you may have.

Quora is another similar site with Quora areas dedicated to learning more about Data Science and Machine Learning. You can also ask general questions and get answers for free

Stack Overflow is the best place to find answers to complex questions. This website is full of great content and brilliant responses to common questions. The website also offers solutions for bugs and errors with the appropriate fixes.


This article has covered ten free websites that provide data science and machine learning resources. It is both for beginners and more advanced users. Each resource listed here has tons of information and content that you can use to improve your subject knowledge and gain further understanding.

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