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What is Vanced? How can you get Youtube premium free of charge?


Youtube is one the most popular video sites, but ads are starting to appear in streaming videos. YouTube also launched a premium version for people who want to avoid these ads. YouTube Vanced is an alternative that lets you access all premium YouTube features without having to pay.

What is Vanced?

YouTube Vanced, a variant of YouTube, is the most used streaming service in India and around the globe. YouTube Vanced hosts over a billion videos that are continuously gushed. A few creators are active on the platform, creating new content in various fields.

YouTube uses ads to generate income and shares a portion of that income with content creators. YouTube offers an alternative for users who don’t want to see the annoying ads. You can purchase this, and you won’t see any ads afterward.

There is an informal way to get YouTube Premium’s highlights without paying.

YouTube Premium users can access the majority of YouTube Vanced’s highlights. You can play videos without ads, use different apps to create spring-up videos, and also hear the audio from the video even if the screen is off. Also, check this article

YouTube Vanced Features

YouTube Vanced, a modified version of YouTube, is extremely popular in the Android community. You won’t find these features in the official YouTube app by Google. You can use it for adblocking, background playing without YouTube Premium, dark themes, and many other features. This hub contains everything you need to get YouTube Vanced running.

YouTube Vanced is an excellent alternative to the official YouTube app. Vanced, in addition to the above features, is an improvement on the official YouTube app. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you will love.

Built-in Adblocker

While ads are essential for supporting creators and online publications, many people don’t like to see them on YouTube. Vanced comes with built-in controls to block ads. To customize the settings, you can switch between them.

Background Playback

YouTube Premium includes the ability to play videos in the background, and Vanced also offers this feature.

Force HDR Mode

Vanced can force HDR on some phones.  High Dynamic Range or HDR can enhance video quality with excellent results.

Override Max Resolution

This feature allows you to watch videos at resolutions that are generally disabled on your device.

All Devices: Pinch to Zoom

Smartphones with higher aspect ratios like the Samsung Galaxy S9 allow you to pinch and zoom in on videos so that it takes up all of the display. Vanced can be used on any device regardless of its aspect ratio.

Casting Toggle

It will allow you to toggle Google Cast. It can be turned off even if there are casting devices nearby.

Secondary Themes

Vance has many themes to choose from. Vanced offers dark themes, as well as black and some other colors. YouTube doesn’t have a dark theme. White is the default theme.

Picture-in-Picture Video

Vanced is compatible with Android Oreo devices. It has picture-in-picture mode, just like the official app.

Video Window Style

Are you unhappy with the YouTube video window that appears when you minimize a YouTube video? You can choose between the old or new style with Vanced.

You can repeat the video

It allows you to make a video play again after it has been finished. This feature can be used to make music videos, but it can also be used for other video types. You can choose any video that interests you and keep it going over and over.

Preferred Resolution and Speed

It will remember your preference for video resolution and playback speed for each video.

You can use the swipe controls to adjust volume and brightness.

You can adjust brightness and volume with the swipe controls, even if you watch a full-screen video.

You can customize

This feature allows you to bypass Codec options like forcing H264 on old devices or VP9 and force HDR playback. You can also turn off 60fps if desired. These features can be configured on your device via our discord or XDA.

You can set the default resolution of your video to any resolution you like or even override it. It will give you sharp 4k playback on any device.

You can toggle home ads, most of the UI ads and Merchandise advertisements, Community posts, Movie Upselling, compact banner information (such as covid info), remove all comments, compact movie, shelf removal, and many other features!

How to install YouTube Vanced free of charge

  • Get YouTube Vanced from their official website
  • Scroll down to the Non-root section of the YouTube Vanced download page, and you’ll see all the themes and options available for the app
  • You have the option of choosing a Dark or Black theme. Both themes come with the ability to switch to the White theme. It all depends on how dark you prefer the YouTube app to look.
  • You can also choose the White/Dark theme if you prefer the original YouTube Dark theme. It allows you to toggle between the White and Dark themes as they work on YouTube.
  • After downloading it, you will need another app called MicroG. It allows you to use your Google login credentials to access the YouTube Vanced app.
  • If you don’t plan on logging in with your Gmail account, you can skip this app. You can download the app from the same page that you downloaded YouTube Vanced.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Vanced Manager App from the Website.
  • After installation is complete, open the Vanced manager app. From here, you can easily install the MicroG app as well as the Vanced app.
  • Select the appropriate variant according to your requirements. The app will automatically download and install the correct app after gathering the required permissions.

It is clearly against YouTube’s terms and conditions. It doesn’t mean it is illegal. YouTube Vanced only offers a few highlights. YouTube Vanced doesn’t change the content, and it does not promote piracy.

YouTube Vanced blocks ads are its biggest mistake. It hinders YouTube content creators’ ability to purchase. I understand how much effort creators put into making videos. It will be hard for them to endure if you don’t watch the advertisements.

Although the application blocks advertisements entirely, it gives you the option to enable ads. You can empower YouTubers and enjoy other highlights of YouTube Vanced.

Is it safe?

YouTube Vanced APK is indeed protected. It is easy to download it from a trusted site. You might find malware disguised in fake YouTube Vanced Android APK on some noxious websites. Avoid them.

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