Best Places to Visit in Long Island, New York

13 Best Places to Visit in Long Island, New York

Long Island has the places to visit which you can visit year-round. It has easy access to New York City and there are multiple attractions and charming downtowns which you can visit. If you want to see the charming beauty of different vineyards, Long Island is the perfect place to visit. Jones Beach and Hamptons are destinations that soothe our eyes and soul. It is one of the largest islands in New York state. You can explore a lot of diversity and experience the beauty of these places.

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Let’s have a glance at best places to visit in Long Island

Montauk point lighthouse

Montauk lighthouse is known to be the oldest lighthouse around New York. It is a fantastic place to visit. This lighthouse was built in 1796 and was constructed by George Washington.

 It stands tall for a long time and still stands proudly. Getting a chance to stand on the top of the lighthouse would be the best chance to explore the beauty of nature. You can get this chance and get the best view of nature. If you stand on the top of this lighthouse you will love this historic site.

Coopers Beach, Southampton

Beaches are the best places to explore and enjoy the beautiful sunrise as well as the sunsets. You can click amazing sunkissed pictures at this place. Coopers Beach is the best place on the long island to surf. If you want to escape from your monotonous and hectic schedule you should visit this place and relax on this beach situated on a long island.

The white sand and clear water are a perfect blend of what human beings exactly want! When you visit your language automatically slips through your sandals and you can enjoy sitting on the beach. In the days of summer enjoying the beautiful sunset feels like heaven!

They have provided plenty of parking so you can park your vehicles without worrying.

Jones beach state park

You can reach Jones beach state park within a 15-minute drive from Hempsted. It is a great beach to visit and if you want to enjoy the perfect beach day. This beach has various dunes and an amazing wildlife sanctuary to have a look at. You will not realize and the time will be spent very easily. You can chill the entire day and have fun on this beach. But don’t forget to apply an ample amount of sunscreen and also don’t forget to carry it.

Sag harbor

Sagar bar is located near the shelter Island. It is a fantastic place to visit and relax your mind. It features many historical buildings and little stories related to it. If you love to read history you should visit this place on the long island. There is a historical museum you can visit to understand the historical artifacts. It also explains the historical development of this place.

Lavender by the way

Just like the beautiful name, the place is also highly impressive. Lavender by the way is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the long island. If you visit this place you will spot gorgeous lavender fields which soothe our eyes.

If you are driving away from Centre Island then it would be very easy to visit this place. Lavender by the way is the perfect afternoon stop. Here you can explore some amazing lavender fields and buy them for yourself from the best lavender keepsakes.

Sagamore hill national historic site

It was home to the former president Theodore Roosevelt and is open for visitors throughout the day. It is a huge 23 room Victorian mansion and includes an environmental study area of the forest which is made in 37-acre!. The area is composed of a tidal marsh area, forest, and bay beach. It is a beautiful slice of nature.

North fork wineries

One of the best places on the long island with over 60 vineyards. Don’t forget to visit North fork wineries if you are visiting Long Island. You can relax your mind and the greenery soothes your eye, you can improve your taste in music while having a view of the vineyards. The place is a wine lover stop.

Sands point preserve

The huge 216-acre sands point preserve park. You can stroll through the trails and enjoy your child’s day in the park, view the rose park and tour inside the castle and a mansion with a gorgeous garden and a terrace.

You can grab the beautiful roses and give them to your loved ones.

Old Westbury garden

You can have a stroll around The rose garden and the lawns. Being so close to the city the place is very quiet and peaceful and can make your heart fall in love with nature. You can soak up these amazing properties.

Long Beach boardwalk

This place is made for you if you are an early riser and planning a beach walk in the afternoon. It’s one of the charming places on the long island. It was rebuilt after the superstorm. Don’t forget to taste the pop’s seafood shack. There are some surf schools and ocean tubs present here.


The flea market and botanic gardens are a really easy visit if you are visiting from Manhattan. The rooftop bars are the best places in Brooklyn.

Fire Island

Fire Island is a blend of pretty beaches and you can view some of the amazing land stretches. It’s very easy to cover the distance from Moses state park to Cupsogue Beach. You can explore the fire Island lighthouse from the 1800s. When you head towards cherry grove you will find some of the stunning shorelines.

The Hamptons

This place on Long Island is named to be Hamptons and is loved by the people all around. It is also perched along the Eastern part of Long Island. You can chill on the main beach and wander both towns. Woofer easting vineyard is the place you should stroll over.

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