10 Best Stock Market Strategies

Algorithmic Trading

Utilizing stock trading APIs, algorithmic trading, also known as algo trading,

Day Trading

Day trading refers to the purchase and sale of financial securities on the same trading day.

Short Selling

Short selling is a trading strategy that allows investors to profit from falling stock prices by selling shares they do not own.


Scalping” is a trading method where people try to make small profits by buying

Swing Trading

When people trade in swing trading, they try to catch “swings” in the prices of assets.

Momentum Trading

Momentum trading is a strategy where traders buy or sell stocks based on recent price trends.

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading is when people buy and sell things, like stocks or currencies, to make a profit from the difference in prices

Buy and Hold Trading

Buy and hold” is another name for position trading.

Value and Growth Investing

Value and growth investing are two different ways people choose to invest their money in stocks

Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow (BTST)

BTST, or Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow, is a kind of trading in which you buy a stock and then sell it the next day.