Push Sports Journey At Shark Tank Season 3

Offers from Shark Tank made to Push Sports:

80 lakhs was the original ask for 1% stock.

Vineeta’s Offer: Until 1.2 crores are recovered, 80 lakhs for 4% equity plus 2% royalty

Offer from Peyush: 80 lakhs for 2% royalty and 4% equity up to 1.6 crores in recovery

Together, Vineeta and Peyush Offer: 80 lakhs for 20 crores in valuation in exchange for 4% equity and 2% royalty up to 1.6 crores in recovery.

Push Sports, which has 17 locations and three main business units—sports infrastructure, sports education, and pay-to-play services makes use of collegiate infrastructure

At this crucial stage, Push Sports must make strategic choices to balance its goals with its financial situation.