Top 10 Electric Sports Bikes to Buy in India 2024 Check out Now

Get complete details on best electric bikes in India 2024. Check out the list of top-ranked electric motorcycles and their prices, photos, specs

The Revolt RV 400 is one of the first electric motorcycles to fall under the low-maintenance categories. Normally, the range is the biggest problem with electric vehicles,

Revolt RV 400

The Kratos R comes with a number of features that are not available on other electric motorcycles in India, such as a digital instrument cluster, ride modes.

Tork Kratos R

The Oben Rorr looks like a mix between a scrambler-style and street-fighter motorcycle. It comes with a 4.4kWh battery pack that is connected to a 10kW motor that produces 13.

Oben Electric Rorr

The Odysse Vader is an electric street bike that looks to have incorporated designs from various bikes throughout the segment. It has a 3.7kWh battery that is linked to a motor.

Odysse Vader

The Aera has a 5kWh battery powering a 10kW motor which produces 520Nm of torque and 13.4bhp.

Matter AERA